Batching Content for INSTAGRAM REELS (TikTok HACK + REMOVING TikTok Watermark!)

We’re going to batch a bunch of Instagram reels content. I remember, I remember, I remember, I remember this is my hack on how I upload it to Instagram reels and how I removed the Tech-Talk logo. Here are some tips that I have for you. [inaudible] What’s up guys. Welcome back to my channel. It has been a very long time since I last blog, but this video is a special one. I’m going to be taking you behind the scenes on me, batching my Instagram real content.

And on top of that, I’m going to show you a little hack that I use to come up with content really fast and also just upload the damn thing on my Instagram because I posted this IgE reel and it took me forever. And I feel like I have maybe found a way around just being a little bit faster when it comes to production of Instagram reels and all of that. And I do have to say I’m pretty impressed with just ID reels in general. I think that because it is a new feature on Instagram and they’re trying to compete hard with Tech-Talk. They are very, very loose with that algorithm. Like I posted one video and this video had 50,000 views on it versus my IGT TVs, which have like literally half of that. And so I really think that I’m onto something. And I think that if you’re using IEG reels, you’re onto something as well. I think it’s a really great way to expand your reach. Especially during this time when Instagram is really pushing ID reels out there.

If you check out your explore page, you’re going to see tons of IgE reels. And that’s kinda how I know that Instagram is really loving and hard on the real thing. So you definitely want to hop on the little bandwagon if you can. I do this video for you mainly because I want to show you kind of my workflow of how I’m batching this. And also just my learning lessons that I’ve gotten so far and the way that I do it. And I’m sure that in the future, I will post a more formal video about Instagram reels and actually using the platform in depth, showing you guys step by step. But for now I would rather, you guys just have the information on how I’m doing it so that you guys don’t have to like DM me about it. And I can just show you this video and you can learn and just see the behind the scenes of my workflow. And so if you’re interested in that, then let’s get started because my hair is still a little bit wet. I have no makeup on and I’m still wearing like the tee shirt that I wear to bed. And so I’m going to get changed.

I’m going to get ready and we’re going to batch a bunch of Instagram reels content. All right, guys, I am back. My makeup is done. My hair is blow dried and straightened. We’re going to go for a straight look today. And my office is semi setup. So let me just show you the behind the scenes of what it looks like to film a video like this, and also batch content for IgE reels. I’ve actually never done this before. I’ve never batched content for Instagram real. So we’ll see how today goes, but I want to at least show you kind of the behind the scenes. All right. So what you’re seeing now is my office. It’s super messy. It’s actually a lot messier than I make it out to me, but like there’s literally like soil bags on the floor. I haven’t cleaned out my garbage in a while. Another soil back there, you know, plant it’s a mess, but what you have to know is on my screen, and this is a 49 inch monitor link in the description box below.

If you are crazy like me and you want to have a big screen, but I have my air table and I will do a video in the future about how I set up my air table and stuff, new way of batching content and my new way of seeing my content plan. But essentially, yeah, I have the script for the video that you’re seeing right now. This is basically just making sure that I don’t miss anything that I want to say in this particular video. So I have it right in front of me. I’ve also got my outfit changes. So a few tops over here, some sweaters and all that, because I do want to plan like five reels at least. And the outfit that I’m wearing right now, like it’s usually like a pretty easy outfit to change out of. Like I literally wearing shorts right now. And I don’t really plan on changing the bottoms unless the IgE real shows the bottoms and maybe I’ll throw on some leggings, but that’s kinda how I batch. And then let me show you some of the equipment. So going back to the office here, I’ve got my YouTube camera. Okay. And it’s on our tripod. Everything will be in the link in the description box below, but this isn’t set up correctly. I still have to like adjust it and everything, but this is going to be the camera. That’s good. And it helped me film the behind the scenes of this video and it’s going to be my B roll. And then over here, this is my stand for my actual iPhone where I’m going to be filming the ID reels on. So this is also an amazing tool. I’ve talked about it in the past, but it’s essentially just a camera tripod. I’ll put it against the door so you can see it better, but this is where you would put your camera and you can adjust it and then make it like turn. I’m not going to do it now because I only have one hand to operate on. And then there’s like three different Heights that you can set it up. It’s amazing. And it’s super, super sturdy. And this is kind of how I film my IgE real content. All right. So I have my phone in front of me. And the first thing that I’m going to do before I even start is I’m actually going to go to my tic talk. And what I’ve been doing lately is I have been perusing around tech talk, not just personally, but also for business. And what else specifically do is I’ll go through the tech talk feed and like any videos that I think I could recreate from a business perspective, because my niche is in business. And so what I’ll look at is I’ll go to my profile on tick talk, and then I will click that button where you can show all the videos that you’ve liked in the past. I actually didn’t even know, know that that existed. I didn’t know that time actually saves and archives and things that you like, because I know Instagram doesn’t do that. So what I was doing before is I would actually put videos into my favorites folder. And then that’s where I would see or save a lot of videos that I wanted to take inspiration from that I wanted to recreate eventually on my own tech talk. But now I’m probably going to be focusing more on Instagram reels, but now I kind of look through the likes. So just so you know, like if you like something you can actually see, I had no idea. And then these are just some of the videos that I’ve liked that I really want to recreate. And so I’m going to show you an example of one of them that we’re going to be recreating today and just my thought process. So I saved that video because I instantly knew that I could do something similar from a business perspective. So let’s dive in. I remember, I remember, I remember, I remember forever. I remember I remember. I remember. I remember. I remember. I remember. I remember. I remember, I remember, I remember, I remember, I remember This lady who created this tech talk. It was all about her relationships in her twenties and just all the mistakes that she made, or even like the struggles that she went through. And so my angle, when I recreate this is probably going to be in the lens of me remembering what it was like being a solopreneur, my business, and all the struggles that I had, all the mistakes that I made. And so this is one I definitely want to recreate. So that’s just a little example of what I think of when I look through tech talk and I really use tech talk videos as huge inspirations because TechTalk is a more established platform than Instagram reels. And I find that the people who create videos on tech talk are so much more creative so far than the ones that I’m seeing on ID reels. And so that’s kinda how I’m coming up with my content ideas. And so for today, what I’m going to do is I’m going to pick maybe like five videos that I want to recreate. I’m going to batch film them, and then afterwards I’m going to edit them. All right. So once I found a video that I want to recreate, what I’m going to do is I’m going to film the video using the same sound. So on tech talk, you just click the video, you click the sound. And once you click the sound, you are going to be able to use sound. And you’re also able to see other videos that have used that sound. So if you want even more inspiration on how other people are doing it, versus the one that you liked, then you can do that as well. And I found that to be really helpful just to see how other people use the same audio. And it really helps, especially if you’re not a creative person, just to see how you could do it for yourself. And so then we’re going to hit this button where you can use the original sound. And now I’m going to show you behind the scenes of me recreating this video. Now, one thing that you want to know about Instagram reels is unlike tech talk. I believe tech talk, you can go up to 60 seconds of footage, whereas on Instagram reels, the max right now is only 15. So make sure you stay at the 15 second option. And when you’re choosing sounds to create your ID reels on, make sure that you know, that you can only do 15 seconds of it. Otherwise it would be a huge bummer if you did a full 62nd video and you couldn’t even upload it on IgG reels. And so anyways, we are going to film this baby, and I’m going to show you behind the scenes of what that looks like. So right now I have everything set up. So I’m about to do my little dance for you guys. And you guys can see the behind the scenes, but before I start filming, I also want to give you guys a tip so that you can learn from a mistake that I made when I made my first IgE reels. And that is especially if you’re using tic talk to repurpose onto ID reels, which is what I’m doing. And that’s why earlier on in this video, I said that later on, I might do a dedicated video about IgE reels, but for now, I just really want to show you guys the way that I do it and why I use TechTalk. I’m going to answer that question right now. I use TechTalk instead of using IgG reels natively, because I find that finding content on talk is a lot faster. I like finding the sounds a lot faster. I think tech talk is a lot easier to use right now, and I just don’t really see the harm in doing one content piece that you can repurpose on two platforms. So I’d rather expand my reach that way. Even though for me, I don’t really have a desire to be like a tech talk star or anything, but it just doesn’t hurt to be on it if you know what I mean. So why not? But anyways, one thing that you want to be aware of, especially when you’re filming your IgE reels, even if it’s on TechTalk and even if it’s natively on ID reels is you have to understand that on Instagram reels, there’s basically two ways that you can see ID reels. There’s like two dimensions that you have to be aware of. The first I mentioned is the vertical dimension where it’s like nine by 16, I think. And that’s basically like an IgE story. IGGB dimension. It takes up the full screen. And generally this shows up if you actually click on someone’s IQ real, or if you’re scrolling through the IgE real like portal within Instagram and all that. So that’s one way that you can watch ID reels. The second way that most people watch ID reels is if it’s just through their feed or through someone’s profile on their feed. And that dimension is I believe four by five. And so what you have to realize is that I personally think most people are looking at it at the four by five dimension, because it really is still really new. Not a lot of people have the patience to like click on something and then watch it. They’re still scrolling through the regular feed and the regular feed. The max dimension is four by five. And so what that means is if you are filming a video on tech talk or even on IgE reels, and you are like pointing to something right at the top, or you have text at the top, or you are super close to the screen, well guess what, when someone actually looks at your ID real on your profile or on their home feed, it’s going to get cut out. Your nine by 16 dimension is going to get cut two, four by five and anything outside of those dimensions will not show. And so that’s a huge learning lesson that I got when I made my first ID reel. And that’s also why my first IGA reel took me so long to make, because I made that mistake and I took it down and I re uploaded and all that stuff later on in this video, when we’re editing my IgG reels, I’m going to show you a hack on how you can tell whether or not something will be cut off, but for now, for the purpose of filming the ID reel, here are some tips that I have for you. The first one is make sure you’re not too close to the camera. You kind of want to be farther away so that if it does crop, it’s not going to crop anything important like your face or your feet or whatever it is that you originally want in your ID. Real. Then the second thing that I have for you at the tip is if you are doing something where you’re like, you know, pointing at texts or dancing and whatnot, then you also want to make sure that if you’re going to add text to the top, just be aware that it will get cut out. If it doesn’t fit the four by five dimension. And again, like I said, later on this video, when I’m editing, I’m going to show you how you can double check and make sure nothing will get cut out before you even post your content on IgE reels. But just know these are the things that you definitely want to keep aware of when you’re filming. So that’s why for me, when I’m filming, I take talk, I’m going to be a little bit farther than I would like, and I’ll be mindful of where I’m pointing and making sure I’m not pointing too high to the sky because it will get cut out on Instagram. I remember. I remember. I remember. I remember. I remember. I remember. I remember. I remember. I remember. I remember. I remember. I remember. I remember, I remember after my, I remember, I remember, I remember, I remember As you can see, one thing that I also do is if I’m like not sure about a certain take and I kind of want to take it again, what I’ll do is I’ll just save it in my drafts so that I’m not erasing the whole thing in case it really was the winning shot. All right, guys. So let’s say you’re done dancing and you’re not sure if it’s the winning dance or maybe you don’t want to edit something right away. What you’re going to do is you’re going to click next and then instead of posting it right away to tick talk or saving it or anything else, you can just click drafts. And that way your video is saved to drafts. And when you go to your profile, you’ll see an archive of all of the drafts that you’ve ever done over on your tick talk. Okay. So I ended up liking the first version of the little pointing dance that I did and I saved it in my drafts. So as you can see, it’s already in draft mode. So what I like to do is I’m planning to just batch the filming process of everything. And then my next step after I’m done filming at least five IgG reels is then I’m going to edit. So just make sure you’re utilizing the draft feature on TechTalk because it’s so helpful just to save things and so that you can go back to it later and you don’t feel pressured to want to finish the whole damn thing in one sitting, Hey guys, so just interrupting this video because I realized that you can also do drafts on IgE reels. And at the time that we’re reviewing this video right now, I know that there’s a possibility that tech talk could be banned. And so I definitely want to make sure you guys have everything you need to succeed also on IgE reels. And so on your Instagram, we’re going to click on reels and you’re going to do your dance. You’re going to do whatever you can still batch your content. So let’s say you’re doing your dance. Look at my cute little cat ears and all that. Then afterwards, you’re going to click this button and do your dance. You’re going to do whatever you’re going to do your thing edit. And before you even actually send it off to post it, if you’re not ready and you just want to batch your content right at the bottom here, you’re going to be able to save as draft. And once it’s saved as draft and you head over to your ID reels, you’re going to see it in dress. And that way you can click on this and you actually see all your drafts. That’s my very first ID reel that I tried testing out. And then you can edit your content later. So you can always, always batch your content and you should never feel pressured to finish an entire ID real in one sitting. Okay. So now I’m just going through my Ted talk likes again, and I want to show you another video that I’m going to be recreating. And it’s this one It’s time to fix your credit. [inaudible] hit that gym and get back, go get that degree, go girl, focus on me, unlock potential that you didn’t know you had it. So I really love this video. I’ve seen this song used many times on tech talk and generally it’s like this crazy transition and it’s all those things for me. I just want to keep it simple. So I’m a fan of any video that doesn’t require me to learn choreography that doesn’t require me to do any crazy outfit transitions. I’m not there yet. And so I feel like this one is doable, so let’s do it. And I also like the message behind it. I really like how it’s very empowering and I definitely have a lot of lessons that I can share to people as well as I’ve gotten older, as I’ve gotten wiser in business. So I felt like this video would be perfect for me to recreate on Instagram real. Oh my gosh. So this is nice setup right now. This is the tripod on the desk and I have the lyrics behind it. So I don’t mess up. And I put it in like super zoom out mode or zoom in mode so I can not mess up. And then of course the camera for this YouTube video right here. And then what I’ve done is because this is like a boss video. I just like throw on sunglasses. So I look boozier, I don’t know. I might get hate for it. I’m going to over like putting sunglasses indoors. But yeah. And then I also changed my outfit. It’s like literally also a black outfit, but I just felt like I wanted to be different and I didn’t want to repeat the same outfit twice. And so I’m going to be filming this. You got video where I’m going to share my lessons that I’ve learned in business. I don’t know what I’m going to do yet. So here’s the thing. Here’s another tip when it comes to filming like IgE reels and the way that I do it is just film yourself, doing the action. Don’t care so much about the content don’t care so much about, Oh, like what’s this text going to have? What’s the angle and all of that. Just film it and then figure it out later when you’re editing. Right? And so, no matter what, it’s still going to be the same movement. It’s still gonna be you lip singing. It’s still gonna be you dancing, whatever that is. And then when you’re in the editing process and you’re adding text and you’re figuring out the angle, that’s when you can just decide what you actually want the content to be. It’s time to fix your credit girl. Get at, go get that degree. Go girl, focus on me. I didn’t know you had it. Okay. So I’ve selected the winner for video number two. And now we’re onto video number three, I think for the purpose of this video, I’m only going to show you three out of the five videos, just so that this video isn’t super long, but as you can see, I did another outfit change. I am wearing like red top. Now. I don’t know if you guys can see, and now I’m going to select the next video that I want to recreate from my tech talk like videos. I already have this one in mind. It’s like super easy to do. And I think it’s really funny. So let’s watch it together, Girl. Don’t do it. It’s not worth it. I’m not gonna do it, girl. I was just thinking about it. How am I going to do it? I did it. Okay. So basically I really like the sound of this video. The spin, the angle that I was thinking of doing is there’s a lot of things that as a new entrepreneur, you say that you’re not going to do, but then you end up doing. And so I definitely think that I can make my own spin on this audio file. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do. So let’s take you behind the scenes of me filming this video. Okay? So with this one, it requires a little bit more pre-planning I’m thinking my vision is like, it’s two people. One person is like the business coach or the mentor or whatever, AKA me telling my client or my student not to do a certain thing. And then the second frame will probably be my client or student. Who’s like, I’m not going to do it. And then they’re going to do it. And the thing that they’re going to do is they’re going to create a super fluffy, nice statement on Instagram. This is something that I see a lot of people make a mistake on. And I think that this audio fits that situation perfectly. And so I’m going to act this out Girl. Don’t do it. It’s not worth it. Okay. So that is person number one. And now I’m going to switch outfits to be person number two. And so a little tip for you is just layer on. So you don’t have to change outfits all the time and spend all your time, like taking your clothes off and putting it back on. So I’m just going to put on this sweater, put on these glasses, and now there’s a clear difference between person number one, which is the coach or the mentor, and then person number two, which is the student or the client. I’m not gonna do it, girl. I was just thinking about it. How am I going to do it? Then the third thing is, I’m going to need to do like a little green screen situation and add a background to the video so that you can see exactly what the student did, which is the fluffy niche statement. So how I’m going to do the green screen is I go to effects and then I’m going to click this upload thing so that I can change the background. And that’s kind of why I like to use tic talk. Cause I just feel like their features a little bit more refined. And then I’ll put the screenshot that I want, which is this one Girl don’t do it. It’s not worth it. I’m not going to do it, girl. I was just thinking about it. I’m not going to do it. I did it. Okay. So now we are down here on the floor because I have to charge my phone in order to show you guys how to edit these videos that we put in our drafts, simply because it requires a lot of a battery. And so that’s one thing you should know too. A little bonus tip is if you’re going to batch Instagram real content or TechTalk content or whatever it is, make sure your phone is fully charged mine. Wasn’t and it’s been like literally hanging on by a piece of thread right now. And so we’re going to film the video here on the floor and I’m going to show you kind of the behind the scenes of what it looks like for me when I edit these videos. Okay. So when you were on my tech talk, it’s gonna show that I have five drafts. And so when you click on the drafts, you’ll then see all of your drafts by sound. And you’ll notice that for the, you got it video, there’s like three different variations of it because I did three takes and I wasn’t sure which one I wanted. So I saved it all on drafts. And then I ended up choosing the one that I liked and I just changed the caption to this one. It’s all in drafts. So as long as you don’t publish it, you won’t be able to see it. So if you have multiple drafts for one sound, you can just like quickly add notes for yourself to just remind yourself of which ones were like your top choices and stuff. Just for the purpose of this video, I’m going to edit one of these videos just to show you how I do it, how I go from taking it to tech talk and then uploading it to Instagram reels. And I feel like out of these three videos that I filmed today, the easiest one is probably the one that you just saw, which is the duo one with like me and the fake client and all that stuff. So we’re going to dive into editing that video and I’m going to show you the behind the scenes of what that looks like. Okay. So what you’re going to do, and we’re on the floor now, I’m actually like just sitting on the floor, keep in mind that, especially if you’re reposting this to IgE real, I feel like with Instagram, the caption is so generous. Like you could put so much context in. And so when you’re doing IgE reels, just know that you can still write really long captions, just like how I did it in this video right here and all of that. And that’s exactly my intention with this video. Okay. So what you’re going to do is you’re going to go to your drafts over on tic talk. We are going to edit video right here and what you’re going to want to do. Once you hit the draft, you’re going to hit back. And that way you can edit the video. And so what we’re going to do is we’re going to add text. The first person is going to be me. I’m going to make sure that it’s not too high so that it still fits the four by five because I’m keeping that in mind, I’m going to add another text and this is going to be new coaches or something. I’m just going to put that slightly underneath. And it looks weird now, but what you’re going to actually do is you’re going to click on the text and you’re going to click set duration. And that way you can actually control when this sticker is going to appear. And so I want the new coaches to appear around here when the second person shows up and I want it to end around here. So you can see the little timestamps at the bottom and you can control that. Then I’m going to hit this check Mark. And now I’m going to set the duration for the first text. And this is the first person that’s in this tech talk. So then I’m going to make sure that it disappears before the second person shows up. And I really like take talk. Cause you can kind of tell when to remove the text right around here, then you’re going to hit check and then you can watch the tech talk and see how it looks. And there you go. So that’s how you add text quickly and then you’re going to hit next. So the next step, and this is my hack on how I upload it to Instagram reels and how I remove the Tech-Talk logo is what we’re going to do is first of all, we are going to make sure that you have this function where you can record screen. So how you’re going to get this function is you’re going to want to go to your settings. And this is really only applicable for Apple or iPhones. If you have an Android, there’s probably an app that you can use to help you with this. And to help you record screen. What you’re going to do is you’re going to click control center, customize controls, and you want to make sure that in this include section that you have screen recording and how you’re going to usually find it. If you don’t have it is it’s typically in more controls or something. And then you just move it up to include. Once you do that, you’re going to be able to scroll down on the top right hand corner, and then you’re going to be able to activate the record button. What we’re going to do is we’re going to go back to tic talk and we’re gonna play the video and record it at the same time. So what you’re gonna want to do at this point is go down, hit record, and then play the video like this. Now just for the purpose of this video, we’re not going to replay this entire thing, but just make sure you’re recording the entire video on your screen. Once that’s done and you’re done the recording, you’re going to want to hit photos. All right? And then once you enter your photo album, you’re going to find the recording that you just did. In my case, it looks like this you’re going to hit edit, and there’s going to be two steps that you’re going to want to take. The first step is you’re going to want to just edit out all the ScreenFlow stuff and only isolate the parts that you want. So for in my case, I’m just want this part up until the end of the tech talk, which is around here, then what you also want to do and notice how there’s no tech talk logo. So this is my hack because when you screen recorded right from drafts tech talk, doesn’t put their watermark in it yet. But the next step that you want to do is you want to hit this button right here, where you can actually crop, just find the part of the video that actually matters to you. And you’re going to want to crop out the black squares or the black frame. Then you’re going to hit done save video. Now you have a perfect video with no watermark whatsoever that allows you to put it onto ID real. So let’s do that together. We’re going to go on to Instagram. Here’s the little hack though, before I even upload to IgE reels, I first want to make sure that the text won’t be cut off. If someone is looking at my ID reels at the four by five view, kind of like here the four by five view right here. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to pretend like I’m it to my Instagram on the original feed, I’m going to select the video that I want to upload. And then I’m going to hit this expansion button. And after you hit that expansion button, it’s going to show you what it’s going to look like when it’s uploaded to your feed at the four by five dimension. And so luckily for me, nothing is cut off with my IgE reel. On the other hand for this IgE reel that I did in the past, when I hit the expansion button, you’ll notice that things are actually cut off. And that’s when I know that this isn’t usable for IgE reels. So once you’ve determined whether or not it fits within the four by five dimension, then you can upload it to IgE reels. In which case you would hit this button right here, kind of like as if you were going to do your stories, then on the third option, you’re going to hit reels and then you can upload it. Girl, don’t do it. It’s not worth it once you’ve uploaded it, then you can hit next and then you can set your cover. So whatever you would like here, you could add your caption and once you’re happy with it, you can then hit share and it’ll automatically be posted onto your ID real feed and your main feed as well. And so here is the end result of this IgE real, as you’ll see, it looks good with the full dimension and it also looks good when people see it on the original feed as well. So that’s my little hack on how to make sure everything is going to be visible on your original feed. And also how to remove that pesky tick talk logo, especially if you’re migrating content from tick talk to Instagram reels. So for in this video, you kind of saw the entire behind the scenes of me batching some of my ID, real content, how I do it. I know it’s not perfect. So don’t come from me in the comment section. I’m still really trying to figure out ID reels, but I figured that I would rather have this YouTube video up for you guys so that you have the information on how I do it at least. And then over time as I perfect my methods as I use it real natively instead of using Tech-Talk, let’s say I can then post a more formal video about my true thoughts on ID reels. But again, I would much rather you guys have the true, you know, behind the scenes, look of how I do my content on ID reels so far for me, it’s given me pretty good results in terms of reach and the way that I’ve done it hasn’t hurt anybody. Hasn’t heard me. And so I’m going to keep doing this way until there’s a better way. And once there is a better way to do things, I will let you guys know in a future video. Now, while you wait for next week’s video, I post a lot of videos on social media, marketing, coaching, entrepreneurship, all the likes of that. So make sure you check out these two videos that I have right here, as well as always guys. I appreciate you. I hope you guys have a great day, a great week and a great life, and I will see you in the next video. Bye guys.

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